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  • Abrasion

    Using something rough (such as sandpaper).
  • Aftercare

    The time after a BDSM scene or play session in wh
  • Age Play

    Usually referring to daddy/daughter or mommy/baby
  • Anal Play

    Anal Play is manual erotic stimulation focusing on
  • Anal torture

    The BDSM practice of inflicting pain on the anus.
  • Animal Play

    The sub acts or dresses like an animal (puppy, cat
  • Bastinado

    A form of punishment or torture that involved cani
  • BDSM

    Bondage/Discipline, Dominance/Submission, Sadism/M
  • Blackmail

    A BDSM blackmail dynamic may encompass a large var
  • Blindfold

    By blocking out sight – a common technique in SM
  • Body Worship

    Body worship is any practice of physically reverin
  • Bondage

    Acts involving the physical restraint of a partner
  • Boot Camp

    The purpose of the training camp for slaves is to
  • Bottom

    A person who receives spankings, floggings, or oth
  • Breast bondage

    The act of tying breasts so that they are either f
  • Breath Control

    The dominant controls the submissive's breathing.
  • Breath Play

    Any practice in which a person's breathing is cons
  • Butt plug

    Much like a dildo, but pear-shaped with a flared b
  • Cage

    A bondage practice, wherein the submissive is kept
  • Catheters

    Flexible tube used in medicine; in BDSM catheters
  • Chastity

    A form of erotic sexual denial or orgasm denial wh
  • Cock and ball torture

    Any of a number of different practices involving p
  • Collared

    Submissive or slave who is owned, usually (but cer
  • Collaring

    The formal acceptance by a dominant, of a sub's se
  • Consent

    Mutual agreement to the terms of a scene or ongoin
  • Corporal Punishment

    Any activity involving disciplining a person throu
  • Cross Dressing

    Sexual arousal or gratification from wearing cloth
  • Cuckolding

    One whose partner practices cuckoldry. Usage: Most
  • Cupping

    The placing of suction devices on the skin to incr
  • Dominant

    Woman who exercises control. Often associated with
  • Dominatrix

    A dominant, usually female and often a prodomme.
  • Double Domme

    Double Domme sessions are BDSM-style sessions whic
  • Dungeon

    Usually referring to a room or area with BDSM equi
  • Electro-Play

    The practice of using electrical stimulation to th
  • Enemas

    The act of introducing water or other liquid into
  • Erotic humiliation

    Erotic humiliation is consensual psychological hum
  • Erotic Spanking

    The act of spanking another person for the sexual
  • Face Sitting

    Facesitting, also known as queening or kinging, is
  • Female Dominance

    A woman (or action in which a woman) dominates sex
  • Feminization

    Feminization also known as sissification, is used
  • Fetish

    A specific obsession or delight in one object or e
  • Financial Domme

    Controlling another’s financial matters or money
  • Fisting

    The practice of inserting the entire hand into the
  • Flogging

    Using a “flogger” on a submissive.
  • Food Play

    Food play can have sexual or non-sexual connotatio
  • Food Showers

    A sexual fetish that involves smearing the body wi
  • Foot Fetish

    A foot fetish where the submissive worships the D
  • Forced Bi

    Dominant partner forces the usually straight submi
  • Forced Feeding

    Forced feeding is a practice within the BDSM commu
  • Forced Feminization

    Forced feminization may also include the male rece
  • Forced Orgasm

    An orgasm induced in a person against that person'
  • Gag

    Any device or object designed to be placed in the
  • Genitorture

    Torture of the genitals.
  • Goddess

    The worshipping of divine, feminine images and wom
  • Golden showers

    Urinating on, or being urinated on by, another per
  • Gunplay

    The practice of including actual (or simulated) fi
  • Heavy Rubber

    Term used to describe extreme SM play or a person
  • Human Ashtray

    The use of a submissive as a Ashtray
  • Human Furniture

    Human furniture is a form of bondage and sexual ob
  • Humiliation

    Sexual arousal from activities which include an el
  • Impact play

    Part of sensation play, dealing with impact such a
  • Infantilism

    A type of role play in which one of the adult part
  • Insertions

    Insertion of objects in the anus or vagina
  • Interrogation

    An interrogation scene is a form of BDSM roleplay
  • Latex

    A type of rubber used in manufacturing of items us
  • Maid training

    In particular, a very common theme in feminization
  • Masochism

    Act of receiving pain for sensual/sexual pleasure.
  • Massage

    The rubbing and kneading of muscles and joints of
  • Master and slave

    A consensual relationship in which one person rece
  • Medical

    Any activity in which the people involved assume r
  • Medical Play

    Any activity in which the people involved assume r
  • Mind Control

    A scene involving manipulation of a person's psych
  • Mistress

    The person who Is given control In a consensual ex
  • Mummification

    Complete immobilization of a submissive's body. Th
  • Needle play

    Temporary piercings done with sterile needles of v
  • Nipple Torture

    The stimulation of the nipples in a painfully erot
  • Nylon Fetish

    Nylon fetish is a sexual interest in or sexual aro
  • Orgasm Denial

    The practice whereby one person is not permitted t
  • OTK

    “Over the Knee” spanking were the subject is
  • Painslut

    A person who enjoys receiving a heavy degree of pa
  • Pegging

    Pegging is a sexual practice in which a woman pene
  • Play party

    A BDSM event involving many people engaging in sce
  • ProDomme

    Female professional dominant (charges money).
  • Public Humiliation

    Public humiliation is the dishonoring showcase of
  • Punishment

    A scene in which the Dominant administers physical
  • Pup-play

    Sub is made to act like a puppy. Sub barks, whines
  • PVC

    poly-vinyl-chloride - 1) A type of plastic used fo
  • Role Play

    Any activity in which the people involved assume r
  • Rope

    Any of a number of styles of rope bondage stemming
  • Rubber

    Rubber are used to make clothing, sheets and other
  • Scratching

    Score or mark the surface of (something) with a sh
  • Sensory Deprivation

    Any practice intended to reduce a person's ability
  • Sensual Domination

    Domination in which the dominant partner engages i
  • Shaving

    It is very common in BDSM for submissives to shave
  • Sissy Training

    A practice desired by a male sub of 'forced' cross
  • Slave

    A person (usually submissive) who consensually giv
  • Small Penis Humiliation

    A domination fetish where a man is subjected to co
  • Smoking

    Smoking fetishism (also known as capnolagnia) is a
  • Soft Limits

    A limit which is not necessarily be set in stone,
  • Spanking

    Erotic spanking is the act of spanking another per
  • Spitting

    A spitting fetish is one in which an individual, u
  • Strap-On

    A strap-on dildo (also strap-on, strapon or dildo
  • Submissive

    An individual who consents to give up power to a D
  • Switch

    Someone who likes being both top and bottom, eithe
  • Tie and Tease

    To be able to control an orgasm of a partner in su
  • Total Enclosure

    Total enclosure fetishism is a form of sexual feti
  • Training

    Either referring to a short period of time (a scen
  • Trampling

    A practice in which one person lies prone and is s
  • Uniforms

    Among the most common uniforms in uniform fetish a
  • Water Sports

    The sexual enjoyment of urine play. Also called Go
  • Wax play

    The practice of dripping hot wax onto a person, as
  • Wrestling

    Wrestling is a kink that many people often forget
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