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07951 312 523

Antonia Davenshaw CEO of London

Covent Garden
Its been tough, I know. You’ve searched high and low, over field and dale. At last you’ve found me. A beautiful, powerful English Mistress… THE STRICT CITY BITCH you’ve only dr
07943 993 487

Mistress Cindy Ray Kingston - London

Kingston, London
5″11 Amazonian Mistress Of Improvisation I am the Arch Angel also known as Mistress Cindy Ray, a Consummate Artist mastering all that come before Me and are worthy of being in My presence you wi

Lady Pandora

My name is LADY PANDORA There is little else that pleases me more than seeing a fully grown man at the end of my leash grovel at my high heels begging me to use him like the slut we both know he was b
07834 403622

Goddess Salvia

Let us express ourselves. Open up our consciousness. Let me enjoy exploring your body and mind. Allow me to toy with your limits and discover why and where your boundaries lie, and how they can be uti
07900 603 397

London Mistress Izabel

My name is Mistress Izabel, I am Latin and naturally dominant. You are invited to visit me, explore and go beyond your own limits. I demand perfection for every order given. If not perfect, you will h
07712 570 828

Cecilia Prim

My name is Cecilia Prim, I am a strict but fair lady, I am maybe a little old fashioned but think when boys have been disrespectful or rude, then it is best for a short sharp shock. I find that trouse
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