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Sexual arousal from activities which include an element of humiliation, shame, or embarrassment for one or more of the participants. Commentary: Humiliation play is a relatively unusual taste that is often very difficult to explain to someone who doesn't understand it. While humiliation play may carry little or no risk of injury, it can be psychologically very intense, and is sometimes the psychological equivalent of edge play.

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Princess Jessika

Live sessions are usually held at my Central London apartment, though sessions at specialist dungeons can be arranged. I enjoying various forms of play, from physical punishment using a variety of imp

Lady Bellatrix

I am Lady Bellatrix the Queen of Mean. I am elegant, discerning and strict. My illustrious career as a Professional Dominatrix began in London over five years ago. During that time I have honed My ski
079 8479 8909

Mistress Sonia

Welcome to my world! I am Mistress Sonia, an Indian Mistress in london. You are about to be bound to my world of sensual cruelty and pleasure, be it physical or mental. Mistress delights in taunting y

Nanny Luna

I am Nanny Luna, adult baby and diaper lover role player. I am a dominatrix and sissy mistress, school teacher, disciplinarian, head mistress, and a switch. I can be your nanny, mom, nurse, babysitte
0161 794 5624

Mistress Bryce Jones

Rutland Street, Swinton
Your most intimate and wicked fetish fantasies are waiting to come true in the Private Chambers of Manchester Mistress Bryce-Jones. Mistress Bryce-Jones holds court in a stunning dungeon location in M
0141 333 0158

Mistress Jules

A mature Scottish Mistress who specialises in Male Chastity and Corporal Punishment. Mistress Jules has been locking and spanking naughty boys for quite some time now. Never one to take responsibility
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