I am a young Mistress and fetish model.

I am polyhedric, sadistic, sweet.

I am queer and feminist, determined, eclectic, aggressive.

I have a degree in Law and I speak four languages fluently.

I am now living between London and Milan, more steadily in London, though. I come from Rome, and I have lived in Madrid, London, Berlin, Turin and Paris.


When I first discovered Bdsm it was as if all of a sudden a new dimension in reality had opened for me. Like choosing the red pill in Matrix.

Bdsm until that point had just been nameless drives, while I wandered the web late at night dreaming on fragments of stories. Reading about this world without really grasping it.

Sure, I liked having my boyfriend lace up my shoes, I loved having my feet kissed. Once he and a friend painted my nails, one foot each, and having both of them kneeling at my feet raised obscure sensation and images in me.

To me, Bdsm means play and especially surrender.

a session with Me

I strive to create an unforgettable kaleidoscope of physical and mental sensations out of that moment of giving in.

The very concept of penetrating the submissive’s mind, leading a game where it’s just the two of us. Succeeding in carving out a space in these busy lives, a parenthesis in which nothing exists but Me, the Mistress, and them, the submissive, connected in a moment out of time.

I wish to create unforgettable moments that will be a treasure for my submissive to look back to, reminiscing every image, every detail, every sensation.

Knowing that with time I will become an essential part of your mind, that an altar devoted to Me will be erected in a secret corner of your being, is what makes me a Mistress.

With me you will be able to live what you feel at its fullest, without ever being judged. It’s important to me to make you escape from everyday reality to find a corner where you can really be yourself, succeeding at creating a safe space where you can express yourself without constrictions, freeing your fantasy and your sexuality.

Being allowed to express one’s fantasies, in my opinion, is a key to feeling fulfilled as human beings and essential to personal growth. It also put us more in contact with ourselves and other people.

In Me you will find an accomplice that will never judge you.


Discretion and privacy are, of course, mandatory, for me and for you. I see them as a form of politeness and respect, it’s unthinkable to build anything without them.


In and out of the dungeon I love everything black and leather, sometimes more aggressive, others more elegant.
You can easily find me both in boots and in décolletés.

I love accentuating my hourglass figure with corsets and latex.

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