For those of you wanting to know a little more about me, I’m an experienced professional Disciplinarian/Dominant, fetish model & business owner with 15 years experience working within the fetish industry.

I started modelling and acting over 15 years ago. I moved into doing fetish work very soon after and naturally progressed into doing Dom work with both males and females. I worked for various spanking websites doing photo & video shoots & subsequently got offers for private sessions and thought why not! It’s great fun, I can put my own unique twist into the sessions and the money was good too! It’s like play fighting for adults.

Prior to my experiences within this industry and area of life, I had many experiences with putting men in their place.

Play fights were also a regular occurance too whilst growing up. Sadly you have to grow out of that when you enter the big wide adult world!! Well it was never acceptable to kick, slap or tie people up in any of the offices I’ve worked in – despite encountering many that needed it to sort their attitude or behviour out!

I’ve always been a feisty little chick – and then developed into being strong independent woman as I grew older.

Whilst I believe balance and mutual respect. Balance, equality and understanding is important in ANY form of relationship! I’m certainly not going to do things solely on others terms (male or female) when I have my own points of view as well as needs and requirements – I do like to be in control or at the very least share responsibilities in any relationships. Thus said I am more than happy to take the lead, but treat others as I would wish to be treated. Dominance isn’t about “bossing” people around. No one likes (or respects) a bossy boots!!

You will fine me polite & possess good manners! I can’t very well discipline someone for being rude if I do not uphold such standards personally!

I believe dominance comes in many forms. Whilst I am approachable, amenable, well spoken and friendly. I am in no way a push over or someone that can be taken advantage of just because I don’t appear to be loud and proud (or in my opinion obnoxious.) I opt for quality not quantity in all areas of life.

I have often been described as strong and unbreakable! I am also caring and very feminine. I regularly hear mid session “how can someone so nice be so cruel” haha. I’m a true lady! I possess class & elegance with a sadistic twist thrown in for good measure.

I’m naturally a dominant person, I’m not pushy, unless I need to be. Never a nice character trait! I want my subs to willingly submit out of respect not force.

I simply despise rudeness, arrogance, bullying type mentalities and people taking advantge of others, unless of course you are requesting it in the safe boundaries of a session! I ALWAYS practice safe, sane & consensual play!

Despite being relatively laid back, liberal & open minded with many areas of life – I am still very strict when it matters during sessions and have a very traditional, conservative approach to life generally. I have very high standards to meet in – many areas of life. Respect for people and things around you being top of my list! My sessions are no exception to this rule! I like things done properly!

I don’t suffer fools gladly and take no nonsense from ANYBODY! In or out of sessions.

I think on occasion people have misinterpreted me to be weaker than others because I’m not brash and outspoken! It has on occasion been assumed because I do not push myself forward or above others, I do not have anything to contribute – this is far from the case. Do not be fooled by my appearance or demeanour. I’m full of surprises so be warned. I am always one step ahead!! A lot goes on inside my mind rather than yabbering away like an idiot in order to “appear” dominant and in control yet not really saying anything worthwhile.

You can learn an awful lot from listening and observing!!!!! “Quality over quantity” Is another motto of mine that I apply to ALL areas of life! That’s not to say I don’t have a lot to talk about! I am often described as “opinionated” & “interesting”. I simply like listening too as that’s how you learn the most and knowledge is POWER. “Watch, listen & learn!” What do they say about the “quiet” ones 😉

Communication is not always about talking!! It is a 2 way thing. You do not learn from talking alone – listening, understanding and observing are equally as important in learning and communicating with others . You have 2 ears and 1 mouth use them proportionately! It is very important to communicate properly in order to understand what my clients are looking for with regards to their session requirements. This involves listening to understand their individual needs.

I enjoy what I do and feel that my sessions are a time to express that in a controlled fantasy environment. I can accomplish what might not be acceptable in everyday life with willing participants. What you see is what you get – but be careful what you ask for – you may just get it!!! Oh how I wish I were able to carry out some of these punishments in the real world lol.

I session because I want to, not because I need too! So make sure you are respectful at all times and interesting in your application!

There is never a dull moment during my sessions, I get bored easily so like to keep things interesting rather than predictable and one dimensional! I love adding a touch of humour too!

My very presence and everything about me from my guise, manner & characteristics, softly spoken voice, beautiful scent of perfume and my delicate but dangerous touch will have you enchanted & wanting to please me with good behaviour, because failing to do so will leave you mentally and physically drained and in lots of trouble!

Oh how I love first encounters, nervous beyond belief and quivering voices….hehehe.

You will experience every emotion from love, fear, hate, adoration, remorse, regret & more when you are with me!

I’m not your ‘usual’ Dominatrix or Mistress!!! I’m more than just a woman in PVC branding a whip. Domination is far more than that. The psychological aspects of domination run far deeper than pain or marks to your body! The psychological aspect plays a far bigger part in domination than any whip or cane marks!!

If you love powerful, intelligent, classy women you’ve most definitely come to the right place!

I am fun, interesting, intelligent and have a great sense of humour. I love to tease and can be cruel – in many ways!

Dominance is a control over something, you don’t have to be aggressive, swear & shout & use fear to achieve that. I don’t need to threaten or use brute force in order to get co-operation – unless that is a requirement in which case I will enjoy it. I do not need you to fear me in order to get you to comply with my rules. I use a mix of all my abilities including gentleness, in a calm, controlled and instinctive nature to gain respect, authority and compliance from you! My unique approach in dominating men is one to be experienced. I love giving real punishments to set you guys on the straight and narrow! I will use my intuitve nature to determine the best course of action for each individual in my presence. I treat everyone individually – not the same!! Because we are all different and interact differently with different people.

There is always room to improve, learn, understand and progress in life. I don’t believe I am nor ever will be “the best”. If you think you have reached your goal – it is unlikely you will ever improve yourself as a person or your skills or knowledge in my opinion. I continue to learn from each session and better my skills as a Mistress.

I’m not easily shocked! I treat my subs, slaves, fetishists & kinksters as individuals and cater for your needs specifically. I am happy to work with the experienced, inexperienced, complete newcomers and anything in between provided you are genuine with your interest in discipline & female dominance.

I’m open minded & like to listen & build relationships with my clients no matter what the reason for your visit. I believe this is an important factor in getting the best possible experiences for the session. I like to enjoy my sessions too! And also feel that my subs have benefited from them also! Aftercare is important and your feedback is alway sappreciated as this helps me grow further in developing my art.

I don’t like going through the motions – I may be a professional and earn a living from doing this, but I take this very seriously indeed. If I don’t like something I don’t do it for the sake of earning money! I only do what I enjoy doing!! I do not appreciate timewasters in the slightest – I am always happy to discuss genuine concerns towards your session. But you will only get one chance to capture my attention and meet my expectations. Fail or let me down in anyway and you will not be invited back. I will not tolerate sub-standard behaviour and if you don’t meet my expectations you won’t get to session with me! I’m picky as to who is invited to session with me!

I can be considerate & always fair! But also VERY cruel, merciless & have a real sadistic streak!! But remember it is for your own benefit and you probably deserve it 🙂

I demand respect at all times whilst you engage with me pre, during & post sessions. Otherwise you will simply be ignored! I have no time for childish nonsense!

I’m a woman in control & know exactly what I want & always get it, I don’t stop until I do. I am not for the faint hearted, weak or lazy unless you are looking to change your ways! You will not forget me in a hurry!

Here’s a little insight into me, however, please do not assume you know me from looking at this website nor meeting me for a brief encounter over my knee!! I have many hidden depths and talents to discover! I am a REAL superior woman! Not a pretend one!

Miss Superior xxx

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