I am Mistress Allure, beautiful, sensual, strict and Sadistic. An experienced fetish and BDSM professional with 7 years experience, ready to take you on a unique journey to help you explore your deepest darkest desires. Where fantasy will become reality and where submitting will come easily.

It’s been a journey for Me too, where I have cultivated My skills and built upon them over the years, evolving along the way giving Me an innate ability to tune into yr physical and mental, as these are in unision and paramount. So…

Whether you are a novice, or experienced player, i will take into account your needs and desires, to structure the session appropriately. I will pay extra attention and understanding to the needs of the novice, as I can understand this can be a daunting time and want nothing more than for them to have a pleasant and stimulating experience.

About ME;

I am intelligent, highly creative & naturally Dominant, & love nothing more than to have you in My Domain, where i will make you, create you & break you, & you will pander to My every whim. I make the rules, i break the rules as you will find out, and you will only be too happy to oblige.

Having Latin blood running through My veins, i possess Latin traits!
I stand at 5′ 7″ in My bare feet, tall, slim with an extremely toned physique, that you will only be in awe of. Under dark chocolate brown hair & piercing green eyes that will grab your inner being & leave you mesmorized.

My long superbly shaped legs are strong enough to crush anything they grab with ease. Tantalising and teasing, motivating subjects to worship My delicate size 5 feet, & maybe a sharp prod, or taster of My fine, sleek stiletto heel purposely balanced…dangling, over your mouth!


My skillset and natural inclinations means My sessions can be sensual, playful, creative, strict, sadistic or intense. I am very diverse in My character as you will find out. Having a background in Performing Arts also enables Me to switch from 1 character to the next.

I will create the scene to aid us in reaching new heights, of physical, mental and erotic stimulation. You WILL thank Me and show Me the utmost respect.

I desire your total surrender, mind and body…you WILL submit it is the ONLY way.
So it is important we have a good connection of energies, so I can lead you deep into sub – space, or i simply will not session with you. Taking into consideration that you will not always click with everyone.

Areas that I enjoy most, but are not limited;
CP, domestic discipline, role play, humiliation, bondage & torture, strap on play, sissy slut & feminization & foot worship.

In addition, i also have a cosy, candle lit, ‘BOUDOIR’ setting with large mirrors to create a soft relaxing ambience, ideally suited for more softer play; sissy boys, Xdressers, tie and tease, domestic discipline and foot worship.

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