A mature Scottish Mistress who specialises in Male Chastity and Corporal Punishment. Mistress Jules has been locking and spanking naughty boys for quite some time now.

Never one to take responsibility lightly, if you let Mistress Jules know that you need to be punished then punished you shall be. If you inform Mistress that you wish to cease your masturbatory habits then she will happily lock you in chastity and keep the key as you walk out the door.

Mistress Jules believes in results, whether that is your unyielding devotion as you grovel at her feet or your tears as you suffer your punishment. Utilising the wide range of bespoke implements at her disposal Mistress Jules will ensure you suffer for her pleasure.

With many years experience in both her personal and professional life of ensuring her requirements are met, you are sure to enjoy yourself whilst suffering at the ministrations of Mistress.

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