Mistress Marquisa de Sade


As a female i do not search for equality .. I know the field where my supremacy is obvious. Nothing makes me feel more powerful than erotic teasing . My body forms have significant influence on men, mesmerising them through sensual movements.. Hypnotising with my elegance , beauty , sensibility.. I like to cover my body with many intriguing articles which will make my skin inaccessible , boots, gloves,stockings,tights, pants, skirts.. Then slowly exposing in a playful way my beautiful parts .. Teasing with my back ,hips , hair, hands, legs … In that moment i feel like the centre of the universe.. All the attention is focused on Me.. While He is falling in my abyss .. Becoming a prisoner of my limitless power .as much as i keep him hard he can’t escape it.. As long as his semen didn’t empty his balls, he is trapped ..until he is allowed to cum for me he is my slave.. As long as his desire is not satisfied he needs me .. I love stretching the moment… He might never escape my spell ..

I am a 25 year old, elegant, intelligent, well-educated Russian Dominatrix. I enjoy providing for a wide spectrum of fetishes. Some of my favourites include, but are not limited to leather, latex, stockings, masks, gags, torture devices, high heels, corsets and tight fitting and sophisticated outfits. I dominate my slaves using eroticism and control. I enjoy exercising my power through the use of my voice, appearance, movement and touch.

I am very strict and I expect very high standards of behaviour from my pets. My favourite activities are torture, humiliation, service, restrictive behaviour immobilisation, sensation play, breath play, teasing, denial, role play and hypnosis. I am quite expert in Human Psychology and have experience in assisting those who need to understand better their sexual desires .

For more information about the possibilities of what you might experience with me open the document below. This checklist will show all the practices I can explore with you.

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