A beautiful Professional Irish Dominatrix with many years experience. My world differs from the mainstream mistress scene. My education, lifestyle and beliefs are a result of many years spent living out my dreams and desires.

I am a free thinker and enjoy exploring the desires of ones mind, in my chambers I will with care adequately lead my submissive into a world I control alone. “I enjoy doing everything from light sensual domination to heavier corporal punishment (depending on just how naughty my slave is), foot and body worship, trampling, bondage and discipline (including mummification), cross dressing and sissification, face slapping and spitting, human furniture. Every situation, every session, every slave is unique.

We shall work together to craft a fantasy that is pleasurable and satisfying for both of us.I delight in disciplining my naughty little slaves, but everything i do is done with an innate sensuality and a strong yet feminine touch.I will make you desire more with every touch, every slap, every sensation.

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