Mistress Posh Totti


I Am Mistress Posh Totti
I am your Goddess, your superior. My cut glass English accent will drop you to your knees with one word. I am here to dominate, to control, to humilaite, to punish by whatever means I see fit. My razor sharp wit will cut like a knife. My whip will sting your flesh. You will do as I say. You know you will, you have no choice.

You are here to serve and to worship at my feet. Your humiliation and degradation are my pleasure, your pain is my goal. Your fantasy is my fetish. you are my object, my pleasure, I am your all consuming thought

I have an extremely corrupt and twisted urge to satisfy. My thirst to dominate the far less superior leads to debauched activities that will leave us both feeling alleviated of our villainous desires

I Will travel throughout South Wales

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